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No more bandwidth limitations

Peplink load balancing routers are the best way to increase the bandwidth of any network. The impressive user interface and advanced features of the Peplink Balances are sure to satisfy the most demanding IT administrators. A wide range of models allow users to evolve their need for Internet access according to the development of their business without sacrificing reliability or uptime.
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Peplink Balances provide the flexibility to distribute loads across multiple Internet connections (eg, DSL / cable), increased bandwidth, reliability, uptime of your Internet and lower cost of leased lines . A user-friendly Web interface Administrator and Reporting Service helps you manage your network easily and intuitively. With their RVP (or VPN) solution and integrated DNS server, Peplink Balances are the ideal solution for any type of company.

Increase your bandwidth easily

More bandwidth More bandewidth More bandewidth
Increase your bandwidth at any time! Peplink Balances allow you to easily add up to 13 inexpensive cable or DSL Internet connections to your existing network, allowing you to scale your bandwidth to suit your needs. All active Internet connections can be used simultaneously and support each other if one of the connections fails. Several active connections help ensure zero interruption while increasing Internet connection speed. High-speed 3G mobile modems will allow you redundant Internet access even in the most remote areas or at live events.

A Link Load Balancing expert level

Peplink's objective is to provide internationally renowned Internet Load Balancing Internet Load Balancing equipment. The combination of Internet connections over a network often increases the complexity of the network and the likelihood of encountering problems. Peplink's multi-wan Balances ensure a unique, functional, reliable and simple Internet experience. With our intuitive user interface, you can fine-tune the distribution of traffic across your various connections. Peplink Balances allow network administrators to easily direct large traffic flows to the primary connection, send larger streams to the least expensive connection, and allocate more bandwidth to executives while limiting the number of connections dedicated to guests.

Avoid large bills

Internet service providers have begun to cap the amount of bandwidth in their broadband offering. Exceeding these limits may lead to excessive overcharging. The Bandwidth Usage Monitor "Bandwidth Monitoring Tool" will help you manage the use of your Internet by automatically switching off the connection when you reach the ceiling. Now you can surf freely on the Internet without worrying about unforeseen costs.

Easy WAN Management

Unlike consumer routers, Peplink Balances allow you to define advanced rules for managing your WAN connection. Changing priority rules is done simply by dragging and dropping using the Outbound Traffic Manager (the Outbound Traffic Manager tool). You can also choose how to distribute the traffic load.

Connect your networks, connect your offices

Deploy Peplink Balances in your offices and subsidiaries and connect them using our new features: Site-to-Site VPN Bandwidth Bonding and Load Balancing. The data is encrypted in AES 256-bit and the load distributed among the various Internet connections of all your offices. With the load balancing algorithm, sending files to and from your desktops has never been quicker. In addition, Peplink Balances also have a built-in PPTP VPN Server that provides easy access to LAN data and internal network remotely and securely.

Improved VoIP communication quality and lighter phone bills

Make more VoIP calls using Peplink Balances. You will immediately benefit from better call quality thanks to the additional bandwidth provided by the added Internet connections. The Quality of Service (QoS) feature, often available on VoIP routers, will enable you to make crystal clear calls even when traffic is very high on your network. Peplink Balances also recognize calls made via Vonage and Skype, allowing you to take advantage of Internet telephony without requiring extensive configuration.
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